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The Power in your Data

Our industry standard API-first solutions interface directly with your existing workflow and systems, seamlessly empowering your understanding.


Build and interrogate interactive maps of your entire workforce, assets, and activities no matter where they are in the world or when they work.


Monitor engagement, workloads, and burnout. Check your team compositions, and ensure that diverse teams are balanced and working well.


Evidence-base your decision-making and management. Track productivity and performance across people, teams, and functions.


All organisations create a wealth of data as part of day-to-day operations. This data heartbeat is embedded with a wealth of knowledge, capturing your activity, productivity, and history.

We provide analysis-as-a-service to capture and interpret the pulse of your organisation through our API-first platform, either locally or on the cloud.

Integrate with your workflow.

Integration with major vendors embeds our tools directly within your existing workflow, powering up the tools and interfaces that you already know.

Your Data, Your Way.

Refactor the data we produce into dashboards that give you the information you need, in the formats that you need it. Create bespoke summaries for teams or individuals, monitor activity and patterns in real time, or output data into reports for daily review or monthly checks.

Explore your data

Industry-standard visualisation front-end puts you in control of your data, and empowers you to generate the data you need.

Integrate your visuals into your existing systems, choose from pre-packaged options, or co-create exactly what your system needs.

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