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Workgraphs in action.

These dashboards use real industry data – fully anonymised of course – to show you the power of workgraphs in action.

On Show.

Each of these dashboards seamlessly pulls from existing data stores in real-time to produce actionable information. All names of people and systems have been changed, but the data itself is genuine.


In today’s world of digital and hybrid working, it’s increasingly difficult to know who’s working on what, where and when. 

Our Activity Dashboard provides visibility of individual workers and teams charting what they have worked on during a given period. Learn about the day to day activity of a worker, both over time and with respect to individual assets, systems, and workflows.

This gives managers the evidence and drill-down capability to fully understand and intelligently intervene in the work under their remit.


Worker engagement is critical for timely and successful completion of any project and is an important factor for productivity and a happy and cohesive workforce. Our engagement dashboard charts the relative engagement of each worker and team to projects and workflows, letting managers see where people are dedicating their time and how much time they are able to give.

Worker Health

A healthy workforce is a productive workforce.

While flexible working can be hugely beneficial allowing workers to contribute almost anywhere and at any time, managers cannot easily identify periods of low or high intensity of those who are working potentially unhealthy patterns. Our health dashboard provides unique insights into the working patterns of your staff so you can tailor your policies for individual workers or teams and identify peaks and troughs in workload. 


Ensuring that the right mix of workers as defined by role, expertise, discipline or mindset contribute to work is not simply a case of defining the team composition at the outset.

Our Composition dashboard provides visibility of projects and workflows by role, expertise and other characteristics enabling you to analyse your team composition and diversity, how each team member is contributing to the whole, and to report on and evidence EDI across your teams and your organisation.

Collaboration Dashboard

Understanding how your workers and teams collaborate is imperative for productivity and overall management.

Our Collaboration dashboard reveals who is collaborating with who, when and on what. Drill down capability enables hidden dependencies to be identified including cross team/project/department. As well as ensuring the smooth running of current projects such knowledge can be beneficial for defining new or agile teams.

Navigate the dashboards through the arrow keys at the bottom of the window, or click the number to jump between.