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Your Work Revealed.

Uncover the hidden stories of your digital workforce.

It’s never been more important or more difficult to understand our digital world of work.

We help your decision-makers make sure your company is productive, your workers are engaged and happy, and your teams are balanced and effective, no matter where they are in the world.

See your workforce.

Our patent pending technology maps the people, assets and activities across your digital world to reveal their hidden structure, composition and critical relationships.

Then we apply advanced analytics and visualisations that give your decision-makers the right information, at the right time.

Dependency network example

Streamlined Integration

API-first design connects to all your existing systems and integrates with your workflow.


Patent pending workforce analytics learn from the past, predict the future, and continuously improve.

Your Data, Your Rules

Our tools don’t access content or IP, keeping your data secure and compliant.

Know more to Do more.

Our technology provides detailed knowledge of your workforce and their performance, powering up your decision-making and helping your whole company deliver.

In action.

Workgraphs integrated into existing workflow

Our tools can be seamlessly integrated into existing platforms and workflow to push information directly to the people that need it.

Workgraphs in construction projects

Our tools have been used to automatically monitor people, teams, and activity across these large organisations.

Workgraphs in large technical teams

Our tools map collaboration between teams, allowing managers to better plan, monitor, and act.

Who are we?

KADlytics was founded in 2018 by a team of engineers, academics, and data scientists. As knowledge workers ourselves, we had first hand experience of the challenges of highly collaborative, geographically dispersed work, and believed there must be a better way!