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Realtime In-App Integration in existing workflow

While KADlytics’ work graphs provide powerful functionality and the generation of deep insights, sometimes all users want is a simple nudge!


KADlytics’ work graph products and services can be delivered as real-time reports, customised dashboards and via in-app integration. 

As part of our ongoing research with Autodesk, we created a simple in-app tool for Fusion 360 that automatically reports on potential file dependencies in the workflow.

Dependencies can be reported as in-app custom tooltips, or captured and displayed in reporting or management dashboards.

Our tools provide a variety of visualisation and interrogation methods that directly integrate with and support your workflow.


The integrated tool automatically notifies and prompts users of potential dependencies when opening and saving part files, helping them ensure all changes are propagated and reviewed. Activated dependencies can also be captured for future auditing and review.

On saving a part, tooltips within the Fusion 360 environment highlight components and systems that are most likely to be affected by changes that have been made.

The tool can also summarise ‘work threads’ – including who has worked on the current and related files over time helping signpost users to the right team members or suppliers and giving them visibility of any unexpected activity or changes. 

This simple nudge avois conflicts and rework, and improves communication and coordination.